Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sunrise on the Summer Solstice

During the Bronze Age Moor walk last month, it was suggested by me (foolishly) that we ought to come back to
Craddock Moor Stone Circle
and observe the sunrise over Stowes Hill on the Summer Solstice.

Anyone who would like to take up the offer should meet us in The Hurlers Car Park, Minions at 4am on Tuesday, 21 June, morning. We should hopefully joined by astronomers and archaeologists who will be able to explain the significance of this site on this seminal day in the calendar. If the forecast is for rain or heavy cloud the trip will be cancelled, please contact me on Monday if you are unsure.

Also do not forget the Liskeard Old Cornwall Society Midsummer Bonfire at Siblyback Lake on Thursday 23 June, 9:30pm.

Project Officer, 07791 136704 or 01579 362350

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