Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Time Team coming to a back garden near you?

The Channel 4 TV Programme Time Team is hoping to come to Cornwall this year and is looking for potential sites to excavate. We know the Caradon Hill area is bursting with archaeological sites, that have not been properly looked into, but Time Time have very clear guidelines which must be considered when recommending a site for them to explore.

Ideally it should be on private land (and have the landowner’s permission to excavate), not have been excavated before and have documents, mapping, crop circle or geophysical evidence of its existence.

If you know of such a site that is crying out to be explored, or would like to get involved in an community archaeology projects, please contact me with your details and any evidence we could use to persuade Time Team to come to the Caradon Hill area.

For details of the type of project Time Team undertake have a look at

Friday, 21 January 2011

Next week...

On Monday we are looking forward to Jane Uglow rejoining the team as our new Natural Environment and Learning Project Officer. Many of you may remember Jane (and Purdy) as the Project Officer working with Andy back in 2008 during Stage-1 of the Project when the bid was being developed.


On the appointment of Jane the team will be back up to full strength and with Andy as the Project Manager but also responsible for the mining heritage works; Iain concentrating on the historic environment; Jane concentrating on the natural environment; and Abi as the Project Assistant and the whole team working on the education and training elements, we’re poised to really get the Project moving forward in 2011.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Local Studies Groups start

Happy New Year!

Our Local Studies Groups have now started at Liskeard Library. If you are interested in finding out about your local heritage, who lived in your house before you or what your local village was like 200 years here's your chance.

We initially have groups running for St Cleer, Pensilva and Liskeard, but hope to start more. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a place on one of the below dates, 

Wed Jan 12th 1-3 pm
St. Cleer Locality & Family History Study

Wed Jan 19th 2-4 pm
Liskeard Locality & Family History Study

Wed Jan 19th 7-9 pm
Pensilva Locality & Family History Study

Wed Jan 26th 2-4 pm
Pensilva Locality & Family History Study

Wed Jan 26th 7-9 pm
St. Cleer Locality & Family History Study