Thursday, 18 August 2011

actors, artists, singers, storytellers, new agers, amateur astronomers & archaeologists

In 1650 John Norden described the stones as like ‘men performinge that pastime Hurlinge’
© John Norden - English Heritage
On 21 – 23 September we will be filming for our electronic interpretation material. The films we are professionally producing will be available to download online and by smart phones to give a truly unique and interactive historical experience when visiting the area.

We are looking for people who would like to be filmed either performing or giving their views on why the area around Minions was so important to our Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors. All points of view are welcome; we want actors, artists, singers, storytellers, new agers, amateur astronomers and archaeologists. If this is you or you know someone that would be interested and available on either (or all) Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 or Friday 23 September 2011 please get in touch with Iain Rowe on 01579 362350, 07791 136704 or

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cast your vote for Cornish food

The British Food Fortnight is coming up in September. To commemorate its 10th Anniversary there’s a competition to find Britain’s favourite food spot.

At the moment Cornwall is in fourth place so please take a look at the Love British Food website and cast your vote for Cornwall.

Use this link to vote Cornish

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The dragonfly & damselfly walk on the moor

Searching for dragonflies
Nearly 30 people joined our Project Officer, Jane Uglow, and Cornwall’s Dragonflies and Damselflies Recorder, expert Steve Jones for the walk on Saturday.

Starting from the Minions Heritage Centre, Steve gave a short introduction and spoke of the objectives of recording these species together with an explanation of the needs and requirements of recording. He then gave out a useful handout about the species found in the county before moving to the wet gully between Cheesewring and Golddiggers. 

Within this wet area, the party immediately saw a number of damselflies and Steve demonstrated how to search for the exuviae around the edges of pools and in the reeds.

The initially misty day brightened up and the group was entertained first by one dragonfly and then a flying display, or more likely, a battle over territory between two males. Further exuviae were found illustrating that although only two dragonflies were seen flying, there had been many more that had hatched and either dispersed or been taken by prey.

Monday, 1 August 2011

The man in the mine at work

The work to consolidate the South Caradon Mine structures is underway. This is probably the first time it has been scaffolded since it was built – if you know different please do let us know. We’d also like to know if anyone has any photos of the mine site that we can use to compare and possibly even feature in an exhibition.

We are doing to do our best to retain the iconic silhouette of the man in the mine, but there will be slight changes to ensure structural stability and prevent it from falling down completely. 

The new pointing has been very carefully selected to match the original colour and consistency, however it will take some time before the work becomes invisible. Furthermore all work taking place is being done under guidance from our Ecologist and we are leaving roost and nest sites in-situ.

Please don't try to climb on structures that are being worked on as this may cause damage and is extremely dangerous. More photos and news to follow as the work progresses.