Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Appeal for upcoming photographic exhibition

The annual CHAHP Mining Landscape Celebration opens at Stuart House on Tuesday 28 June. This year the two week event will be about the darker side of mining. Despite the grim content it promises to be an interesting and revealing look at the life of miners and their families in the area when mining made fortunes for some and widows of others.

There will be an unusual photographic exhibition of headstones from the local cemeteries. The one below, of Richard and Catherine Smith’s in St Cleer Cemetery, is a fascinating example.

We are looking for more photographs to feature in this intriguing exhibition which will show the local headstones, the sad reminders of the dangers of mine, quarry or railway work in the area. We really want this to be a true community event and appeal to anyone who enjoys photography to get in touch. Photographs will be displayed in Stuart House for two weeks. Please email our Officer, Iain Rowe, with photographs and, or locations.

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