Monday, 23 May 2011

This weekend in the Caradon Hill area

Exploring St Cleer Downs for butterflies
On Saturday a butterfly walk was led across St Cleer Downs by Paul Brewer from Cornwall Butterfly Conservation and our Officer, Jane Uglow. Children and adults enjoyed an interesting exploration of the area despite the cloudy weather, luckily the rain did hold off! As it was not particularly sunny there were not many butterflies about, although two different species were spotted, the Speckled Wood and the Small Pearl-Border Fritillary, a less common one. There were also a number of day flying moths about.

Although the weather was not perfect for butterfly spotting the group were able to learn about where to find butterflies and how to identify them. Paul also gave the group an explanation about the needs and requirements of butterfly recording. Jane helped examine and identify plants on the walk, even finding a group of orchids coming into flower which were possibly lesser butterfly orchids, platanthera bifolia, on the downs.

Sheep shearing training at West Penquite Farm

A sheep shearing course was held for five trainees over the Saturday and Sunday. Working with Liskeard Young Farmer Club CHAHP facilitated this training. All of the participants are actively involved in farming in the area and are members of YFC. The course was led by Digory Truscott, British Wool Board Instructor, who demonstrated British Wool standards. It was a really successful weekend and it is hoped the course will run again next year.

Very special thanks to Mr and Mrs Dymond who kindly gave permission for the course to be held on their land at West Penquite Farm.

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